The Reason Why Bank With RHB Malaysia?

RHB MY: Our History and Values

RHB Banking Group MY is passed A century old! In combination with personal, business and Islamic banking, there is various other expertise on the market, for example, insurance, investments, SME loan and loans. RHB has won many prizes because of their work, such as the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and much more. It’s got already been crucial towards Malaysia’s businesses using its intensive economic research.

Opening an Account with RHB

Opening a bank account with RHB is simple. We now have numerous account types to match your necessities, from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts. Our credit card services can also be adaptable and suited to virtually any lifestyle. If you’re planning on acquiring insurance or taking out a loan, RHB has appealing choices the fingertips.

Rising Your Prosperity With RHB

There are diverse investment plans you may capitalize on to grow your own personal wealth. Our remittance expertise also makes it easy for you to transmit money overseas. If you want extra peace of mind for your possessions, our secure deposit boxes will provide you with a safe and secure method to store your personal property.

RHB Bank

RHB Small business Accounts

Getting your company up and running hasn’t ever been so easy with RHB. Our services allow you to open an account in a single day! We’ve got a selection of cover choices for your business or employees. RHB also provide loans, all counting on your eyesight and future for the enterprise.

RHB Business Consumer banking Solutions

RHB considers itself your partner in your business ventures- not merely your bank! Your enterprise will likely benefit from the advice that our consultants provides, for both investment funds as well as exchange finance services. These may allow you to increase your business enterprise; therefore, it can achieve its full capabilities, and become even more profitable.

Islamic Banking Options at RHB

There are a lot of advantages of using an Islamic banking account in comparison to a typical account. As an example, in financing- the prospect doesn’t have to pay even more than the agreed maximum amount. When you have a fixed deposit account, there are up-front profits for the account holder. Islamic Banking is open for all those, despite religion.

Features about RHB Now Banking

Send money from the convenience of your phone with RHB Now Banking. With just an instant download of the app of the phone’s app store, you can actually admission your accounts quickly from any place. The app could also help you to pay your bills or acquire prepaid calling cards effortlessly. Our numerous quick guide videos may help you put in place the app.

Why Wouldn’t You Decide on RHB?

Want to do your consumer banking without fuss or hassle? RHB is definitely the bank available for you. Using our flexible choices, you can manage your entire banking needs in one place! Our professionals and customer care division are also offered to answer any inquiries you may have. Visit RHB’s website for more information on SME loan: